The Tibet Fund Explores Supporting Tibetan Entrepreneurs in Exile

Peter Korynski, an independent consultant, traveled to India in the beginning of September on behalf of The Tibet Fund in order to take a critical look at the business opportunities in Tibetan communities and the role The Tibet Fund can play in strengthening their success. While Tibetan businesses are small and the entrepreneurs remain modest, the situation may be slowly changing. Trends show that experienced entrepreneurs are beginning to break into the Indian market with traditional Tibetan products, and emerging leaders are establishing non-traditional businesses.

A contemporary art and design studio in Delhi, founded by a London-educated Tibetan designer with her Indian colleague, and a dance school in Dharamsala stand as new business models for the community.

The Tibet Fund is well positioned, working with the CTA and other business networks, to add value and to make capital available to entrepreneurs; to provide business management skills; and to stimulate entrepreneurship among the younger generation of Tibetans in exile.

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