There are Tibetan settlements, which are remote and far flung from the mainstream Tibetan community. Many Tibetans have also resettled to small towns as they provided better opportunity for their livelihood. Children of such parents were deprived of school to learn Tibetan language and familiarize themselves with Tibetan culture. Tibetan local bodies, in such places, have started schools on their own initiative. However, they failed to maintain the initial zeal and tempo to run and manage them. The schools were handed over to the Department of Education for their sustenance and management. Over the years, the number of such schools, which were directly managed by the DOE. The DOE is the apex body which has the mandate to give guidance and oversee the education of the entire Tibetan community in exile. On 16th June, 1999, the Head office of the SAMBHOTA TIBETAN SCHOOLS SOCIETY was formally established to provide education, facility, administrative guidance etc. to the schools which were then incorporated as member schools. Today there are 12 schools in different places in India under the organization.

Tenzin Dhonyoe, WL# 03
Date of Birth: March 8, 2011

Tenzin’s from Tibetan Settlement in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh, the most remote state, located in North East of India. His mother has a meager salary working in a office on daily wages. Whereas, his father has no fixed job. He does every petty work that is available in the locality.

Tenzin Kunsang, WL#06
Date of Birth: April 8, 2011

Tenzin Kunsang is a very cute girl. Her father is in the army and he is the only earning member of the family.  Tenzin’s mother is a housewife. Tenzin has an elder brother and a sister. They are struggling to make the two ends meet.

Tenzin Kunphen, WL#114
Date of Birth: June 11, 2012

From Tibetan Refugee Settlement, Miao in Arunachal Pradesh. Kunphen’s parents are farmers. They do not have land to work on. They work on other people’s land and share whatever crops they cultivate from the small the land. The production from the farm has been decreasing as the land has been used excessively. Tenzin’s needs your support for his education.


Tsering Chonzom, WL#08
Date of Birth: February 8, 2011

Tsering’s from remote part of Tibetan Settlement in Tezu. Her parents sell sweaters during winter in remote places in India. The business lasts for around four months and the income generated from that short period has to be enough for the whole year.  She has two elder brothers.


Sonam Sangmo, code#102
Date of Birth: April 3, 2001

Sonam is from a poor family, residing in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. She grew up having a big joint family.  Sonam has two younger sisters and a brother. She is in grade VI, studying at STSS, Poanta School. Her father does petty business on road side and her mother is a housewife. The income that her father earn barely able to meets their daily needs. Please support Sonam to continue her studies to complete XII grade.


Tenzin Yankey, WL#121   
Date of Birth: August 18, 2004

Tenzin Yankey is from a small village in Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh.  We do not have Tibetan schools for our Tibetan children at the village. The state govt. school at the village has very poor facilities and critically it does not offer curriculums which are aimed at preserving our unique cultural heritage, tradition and language. Tenzin Yankey has one sister and three brothers. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a house maker. Her mother did not get an opportunity to study when she was young. But unlike her mother she got an opportunity to study at STS Paonta under Sambhota and your support will ensure the future of her studies as she needs your support to continue her studies under better facilities.


Dawa Dolma, code#01
Date of Birth: November 21, 2011

From Remote part of Tibetan Settlement, Miao in Arunachal Pradesh. She is studying in Stage II. Dolma’s parents are daily wagers. Her father works for other people to support the whole family. Her mother has no specific work. It is not easy for a woman to get a job, specially a physically demanding work.  They have no other ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­source of income to bear the expenses of the whole family. Dawa Dolma really needs support to receive education.

Tsering Lhamo, WL#103
Date of Birth: October 29 , 2001

Tsering is studying in grade VI at STSS, Poanta School. She is from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. Tsering’s father runs a small shop at Manali to feed his family members. The only income generated form the small shop is not sufficient to take care of her family. Your generosity and support for her education is highly needed.

Tenzin Kalden, WL#104
Date of Birth: April 9, 2002

Tenzin was born in Mainpat, Tibetan Settlement in South India.  He has two elder sisters and one brother. His father works as a cook in his school and his mother is a housewife. The income that his father earns is very difficult to support their children. Tenzin is very bright student. He is studying in Grade VI. Your generosity and support for Tenzin’s education is highly needed.

Tenzin Gelek, WL# 04
Date of Birth: January 25, 2011

Tenzin‘s father sells sweater during winter in remote places in India. The Business last for 4 months in a calendar year. Due to global warming it’s hard to sell sweaters. Tenzin has one elder brother and one elder sister.  


Jigmat Dorjey, code#105
Date of Birth: May 25, 2002

Jigmat belongs to a very poor residing in Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.  He is studying in grade VII at STS, Chauntra.  His family does farming and it is very hard for his family to manage with the rising expenses each yearHis parents are working very hard and it’s difficult for them to support Jigmat.  Please support him to continue his studies till grade XII.


Tenzin Woser, code#100
Date of Birth: D ecember 25, 2002

Tenzin is from Bhandara Norgyeling Tibetan Settlement in India. She has two brothers and one sister. She grew up in a big joint family, having grandparents and four siblings including her.  She is in grade VI, studying at STSS, Poanta School. Her father is in the army and he is the only one who earns, all depends on him. Tenzin is responsible and loves to play with her friends. Your generosity and support for her education is highly needed.


Pema Rabgay, code#01
Date of Birth: December 7, 2010

From remote area of Tibetan Settlement in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh. His father left his mother. Pema’s mother works in a small monastery as a cook to support her family. Whatever she earns from her job as a cook, it’s not possible to make the ends meet.  

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