湯東表演藝術團(TLPA)由彭措次仁先生在達薩拉成立,旨在保存和推廣西藏表演藝術特別是西藏歌劇的豐富傳統。西藏的表演藝術傳統在西藏卻瀕臨滅絕,因為西藏當局正在有系統地改變歌曲,舞蹈,音樂和歌劇以達到意識形態的目的。 TLPA開展對傳統西藏表演藝術的研究,提供為期五年的培訓青年人才的課程,並在流亡社區和世界各地組織研討會和表演,以提高世人對西藏豐富的表演藝術的認識。您的讚助將幫助TLPA為後世保存真正的西藏音樂,舞蹈和歌劇。

Dekey Dolma

My name is Dekey Dolma, from Ladakh Settlement, North of India. Date of birth Jan 10, 1994, my father’s name is Tsephel Tanpa and mother Rinchen Angmo.  I have two younger brother, who goes to school.

Lodoe Gyaltsen

Lodoe Gyaltsen,  I am 18 years old and born April 4,  1997. Father name Thinly Phuntsok and mother Tsering Youdon.  My parents has five children. My both elder brother are in Army and my younger younger brother are at school. My father works as a coook.  I joined Thangtong Lhuger because of my interest in Tibetan songs, dance and opera.

Tenzin Dickey

Tenzin Dickey from Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement, South India. Born June 5, 1997. My Father Mr. Lodoe and mother Mrs. Pema Youdon.  My father works as a diver and mother works in hotel. .I am the youngest of the family.  My two sisters are in school. After 11th grade I joined Thangtong Lhugar Performing Arts due to my interest for our cultural song, music and dance, also Tibetan instruments. 

Lhamo Tsering

I am 21 years old,  born Dec 8th 1995. Father Tsering Dorjee and my mother’s Punam Devi.  I have one sister.  After 9th grade, i joined Thangtong Lhugar Performing Arts on Nov 19, 2015.  I am very much interest in Tibetan songs and dance, also opera.  My aim is to become a good teacher and artist. 

Ngawang Passang

Ngawang Passang, born Sept 29, 1991 from Dharamala, India.  I am 25 years old.  I studied at Tibetan Homes School in Mussorie. After graduated, i joined Thangtong Lhugar due to my interest in Tibetan music and arts.  My elder brother works as a clerk, my younger sister goes to school. 

Tenzin Kalden

Tenzin Kalden. I am 18 years old, born March 7, 1997. My father’s Mr. Mingyur and my mother Mrs. Phurbu Nyima.  I have one elder sister, who is a nurse at Bangalore. My father works as a gatekeeper at TCV School.    I joined Thangton Lhagar Institute on Sept. 2015. I am very much interest for Tibetan songs, music and dance, also music instruments. My aim is to become a good Music teacher and artist.


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